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Before Intrepid Trading, we specialized in the production and distribution of eliquid (2013), and transformed a few years later into also becoming one of the largest brands of CBD in the USA.  

Attending almost all industry trade shows and conferences and distributing nationwide for 9+ years has allowed us to network and see what brands/products are the best in each category, and build strong relationships with their creators.  This behind-the-scenes networking enables Intrepid Trading to maximize each shop owners’ profitability with the products we offer. 

Our mission is to connect retail shops with the best products made by the best manufacturers/brands, and to strategically work with each shop to ensure Intrepid Trading provides long-term value.

Give Intrepid Trading a chance and we will strive to do all in our power to ensure you are just as successful with our products today as you will be for years to come.

All our products are lab tested test results are available for public viewing online, or if preferred we can send them via email.


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